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Wellness at Work

Discover Yoga Without Leaving The Office

Give your employees the benefit of experiencing the convenience of an on-site yoga class that is accessible to men and women of all fitness levels, ages and body types.

With little expense, yoga can be brought to your premises that will greatly enhance productivity and well-being.

All you need is a room or open space. Such as a conference room, employee lounge or multi- purpose room and a willingness to relax and have fun.

Small Changes Make Big Differences
Whether you are self-employed, a small-business owner or a corporate mogul, both your business and your employees (even if that's just you) will benefit by incorporating yoga into your daily work for wellness program.

It's reported that companies spend valuable resources on reduced productivity, employee turnover, absenteeism and mental health illnesses through work related pressures.

Offering a wellness program can benefit everyone, and many companies are now recognising the value of yoga that ticks all the boxes.

Yoga's system of stretches, breathing and quiet relaxation brings immediate improvements, which provides empowering benefits added to a working day.

Classes are geared towards ironing out tension and soothing busy minds from long stressful days. Valuable knowledge is gained towards healthy, focused, relaxed individuals that will change your business for the better.

Employers gain:
* Improved concentration and productivity
* Increased motivation and creativity
* Few aches and pains at desks
* Fewer illnesses and absenteeism
* Lower turnover
* Higher morale
* An overall sense of well-being at work and everyday lives
* Increased energy and reduces fatigue
* Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

Employees gain:
* Improved function of all internal systems of the body
* Stronger bones
* Leaner muscles
* Flexible joints
* Greater mental clarity
* Ability to handle stress, anxiety and depression
* Sense of happiness and well-being.
* Fewer illnesses.
* Fewer aches and pains
* Sleep better

Classes are fun and relaxing, strengthening and rewarding. Everyone is welcome.
All postures can be adapted to each individuals need and all equipment is provided.

Your first lesson is FREE.

For more information on how yoga can help you and your employees. Call or email Paula via the Contact Page.
Wellness at Work

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