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About - Paula

My journey to where I am now seems like it was a former life that I had. But it was very real in that it felt like I was on a spin cycle that I couldn't escape from.

I was reaping the rewards of having a very successful business that I had built up for 10 years in Interior Design, but the effects of stress were having a really bad effect on my health. Does this sound familiar to you?

Striving for perfection and pleasing my clients, I would finish the day wound up to the point that it left me anxious and bad tempered on a regular basis. I couldn't sleep and I would also get palpitations quite a lot. Basically, I was no good to my family or friends this way and I had to do something about it.

I then decided that I should try a Hathe Yoga class to help me relax and de-stress, as well as help physically with an ongoing health problem I have in my leg called lympthadema. This is where the lymphatic system is either not working or sluggish and can cause swelling in your limbs.

During this time, I regularly immersed myself in my yoga practice to alleviate the effects of stress and was astounded by the beneficial effects it had to my overall health and outlook on life. I was sleeping better and changes to my body over several months were noticeable. I felt stronger and had toned up in areas that regular exercise wouldn’t even touch.

Yoga is like a big secret you wish you had known about it years ago. Somehow that secret helped me see through the darkness and I've never looked back.

Fast forward 10 years and my designs have now been replaced with a wonderful and crazy life of teaching yoga to all that will have me.  I enjoy the rewards of exploring this ancient art that can help people in so many ways. It’s a gift and an amazing journey to heal, feel and look your best.

- Adult Yoga Teaching Diploma (Yoga Alliance RYS200) - Trained by Steve Avian, Shamayoga School.
- Mindfulness Teacher Certification - Trained by Nick Cooke of Mindfulness Now, The UK College of Mindfulness Meditation 
- Kids Yoga Teaching Certification (Ages 3-7) - Trained by Chelsea Canovas and Janine Hurley, Chyrsalis Kids Yoga.
- First Aid Certificate in Basic and Essential First Aid.
- Kids Yoga Teaching Certication (8-Teens) - Trained by Chelsea Canovas and Janine Hurley, Chyrsalis Kids Yoga.
About - Paula
RYT 200

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