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Yoga Therapy - One to One

Even though there are many benefits to be gained from a group yoga class.  One to one teaching is specifically good at targeting areas to help with mental and physical symptoms.

A yoga therapist focuses primarily on helping to relief physical and mental conditions.  Targeting and teaching techniques to improve their function.  Yoga movement is taught, but not essential to each individual.  Techniques of mindfulness and the art of relaxation is essential to improvements to all clients.

I‘m getting more and more one to one clients to help with a array of different conditions, injuries and mental problems.  My approach is understanding your needs and working with what works for you.  I’m an experienced qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher, but also currently working towards a qualification in hypnotherapy too.  So I may throw in tools that I have learned so far.  

I’m here to help YOU work YOUR mind and body as a whole. 

Reasons to consider one to one yoga classes:

* Personal attention and tuition ideal for beginners to build confidence
* Personal attention and tuition ideal for experienced yogi's
* Convenience of lesson times made by appointment
* Personal attention to your needs
* personal sessions in your own home or my home studio

If you would like to share your session with a partner or a friend, it's a great way to learn and the price is the same. Therefore, the cost can be very reasonable at £25.00 for up to two.

If you feel you would benefit from private tuition please contact me.
Yoga Therapy - One to One

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