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Classes - Kids 3-7 and 8-Teens

Age Group: 3 - 7 years
Classes are created in a playful and imaginative way to entertain and keep children focused at this age.

Children delight in the discovery and magic of yoga, through yoga poses linked to stories, games, dancing, education, animated breathing exercises and creative relaxation techniques.

Age Group 8-Teens
Yoga is beneficial to children of all ages, especially as the adolescent age starts to creep into actions. Suddenly they are faced with pressures and encounters from emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts on a regular basis. Not to mention the barrage of social media, phones and ipads.

There is no way to disconnect and to teach this to teens is a vital curriculum in life skills that will help them into adulthood. Yoga provides breathing techniques, behavioural guidelines, and physical postures that can be incredibly valuable for them.

Classes are geared to work on building the strength and flexibility to benefit them in the development of growing bodies for sports and posture and self-awareness.

Group and partner yoga activities and games are also taught to help bring out the playfulness team building skills to combat self-esteem, friendships and confidence issues.

Breathing and relaxation is also incredibly important for anxiety, stress and anger problems.

If you’re interested in applying yoga into your school or nursery. Please call Paula on 0797 697 0489.
Classes - Kids 3-7 and 8-Teens

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